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Distortion of performance measures at The Canberra Hospital

May 6, 2012

The Canberra Times reported on April 25 that

Forensic auditors are investigating the tampering of Canberra Hospital  performance data which had the potential to see the ACT incorrectly allocated at  least part of $3.2 million in ”reward funding” from the federal  government.

A senior public servant at the hospital has been stood down after admitting  responsibility for changes to data that improved the emergency department’s  performance results.

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Since then there have been more inquiries commenced – On May 4, the CT reported that

Auditor-General Maxine Cooper has given her office a broad scope to  investigate allegations of data tampering at The Canberra Hospital’s emergency  department.

The Auditor-General will investigate if any ”direct or indirect influence”  was brought to bear on the senior ACT Health bureaucrat who has admitted  tampering with emergency department figures.

Health Minister Katy Gallagher revealed last week that a senior bureaucrat  had been stood down at the hospital after admitting to tampering with emergency  department figures to make the hospital’s performance look better.

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